Monday, November 2, 2015

The reason I choose to do a fundraiser for eating disorders is because my sister has an eating disorder that is called anorexia. This inspired me to do this because I felt like my parents weren't ready for it and how much money it cost. So I am going to have a fundraiser to the place that my sister was at to make a better and more friendly environment for people who come and stay there or visit there family. So I am going to raise money and give it to them to improve there place. I think it is important to do my topic on this so then people can learn more about eating disorders and spread the word about different eating disorders and have more information about this. I think people need to learn something new every day and maybe it should be something that can inform people about there health. How they can prevent it form happening to them or anybody related to them. I will post more things on how you can prevent this